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The battle for dates

Well, The brides of 2020 who were in the thick of COVID are now finding the couples of 2021’s early months as running mates for date in 2022 and 2023. As we entered 2021 full of optimism and hope we quickly realized with escalating numbers, variants and flip/flopping on rules that this virus is here a bit longer then previously expected. What this has meant is the optimists who hoped for a early Spring/Summer blue sky wedding in 2021 got the horrific gut punch that they may be conforming to a 10 person ceremony or elopement unless willing to holdoff for another 8-12 months. I have now got date switches down to an art form, and my dates open in coresspondence to what date might suffice for a couples alternate, this is not ideal but I am also empathetic and sympathetic and grow attached to my couples and see their vision through to the end. Right now my Saturdays in 2023 and even a handful in 2024 are gone, something that would not be happening in non-COVID times to be honest.

I want to see everyone of my couples enjoy that first dance, hear the laughs of the speeches and make their vision of the perfect day a reality , but also just a little bit better then they could have even expected.