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2023 “The COVID Backlog of I Do’s! is still going strong”

Well here we are, May of 2022 and I have been doing weekly weddings or up to 4 a week since February and nicely working through my event schedule. How busy am I? Well I am in the midst of 24 straight weekends of something or things going on.

But this is to be expected coming out of a pandemic where we all had our hands tied as an industry, and couples couldn’t do traditional things they had envisioned such as I don’t know……DANCING!!!!!! But was is crazy is the continuous wave of date requests for weddings and events into 2023 already, I mean couples are organized and I assume they couldn’t get their specific date at a venue so pumped the breaks for a year or maybe they had guests not ready to travel yet.

Well, 2023 is shaping up to be more of the same for sure as dates drop like fly’s and people are calling me to ask if I can make their vision of the perfect wedding day a reality (of course I can).

The momentum is much appreciated as we as an industry try to get back on track after two devastating years with COVID restraints on us…Want an amazing wedding? The Vancouver Island Wedding Industry is ready and so is DJ PTK so let’s make plans and make memories.