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About DJ PTK

Music has always been an important element of Paul’s life. Paul’s mother Rhoberta was a music teacher for the Cowichan School District for 25 years, and is an expert pianist. Paul’s mother has choreographed and written and performed music for over 100 musical’s in the Cowichan Valley and toured with a youth musical group…….Paul was always forced to tag along and take it all in.

As if one parent role model in music wasn’t enough, Paul’s dad was a prominent member of the Cowichan Operatic Society as well as the Cowichan Musical Society. During his 30 years with the respective groups David directed or acted in over 150 performances ranging from full company productions to smaller dinner theatre shows……..once again Paul was on hand for all of this since the age of 5!!!

The music bug bit Paul hard as he was always interested in every genre of music often finding the most obscure cassettes or records and taking great interest in the details of the sounds. Clearly an old soul, Paul was always drawn to musicians such as Billy Joel, Dean Martin, Elvis and Genesis. Paul always took an interest in The Beatles as well, often dissecting songs and looking for the story.

In elementary school Paul was a part of the boys choir, this unlocked a hidden talent. As many people, mainly music teachers, would comment “That young man has a perfect ear, he hears every sound that is produced” or “That young man can hear tones and sounds and emulate them so well”….Translation Paul could copy voices he heard. Paul was introduced more and more to the choir and and impressions came, which uncovered that Paul could sing both Alto and Soprano and hit notes that were not common for a 12 year old boy. He was chosen to perform Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Pie Jesu” from Requiem at Expo ’86 in Vancouver.

Sadly after grade 6……..sports took over for Paul. He went on to excel in most sports earning a invite to Bishop’s University for Basketball and later on taking part in Football activities as well (whole other story). While at Bishop’s Paul took classes such as “The Art of Listening” and “Musical studies” while working to obtain his B.B.A. Paul would DJ at house parties and often help DJ at the university pub. As a music enthusiast, by 1998 Paul’s CD collection was well over 5000!!! A & B sound was booming back then 😉

After a sports and scholastic few years Paul came back to Victoria and settled down joining his father in the Buck or Two! franchise and focusing on business….but always itching to DJ and get people dancing. In 2010 Paul started a Party and Event company called Party Crashers which has two large stores in Greater Victoria. With the stores a success, Paul has now had the opportunity to do what he loves….DJ and help people have a good time. With 22 years of customer service along with a love for music and the ever evolving aspects of DJ lighting and equipment Paul has gone full steam ahead into the industry. With the business models of “Affordable without compromise” and “The service will speak for itself” Paul looks forward to helping people make memories , one track at a time.