DJ PTK Best DJ Services in Victoria: Your Ultimate Party Experience

What to Expect with DJ PTK

In the beginning stages: “The Prep for the show”

You get my undivided attention to making your most important day amazing!!! I make myself available to you via phone or email at all times and reply within minutes to any questions you may have or advice you may need. I have a large board room at my office which is perfect for consults with the bride and groom “or” bring the whole wedding party and get everyone’s feedback or ideas to make your event that much better. If you are looking to stay traditional but want a unique twist we can look over obscure versions of songs to make your ceremony stand out.

The Day of: “Showtime…you are the star”

On your big day, expect to see me nice and early (or the day before when permitted) getting all the sound checks etc. out of the way. From that point on my goal is to take any stress off the couple wherever possible. Making sure all things sound-related are without a hitch, mics for officiants are ready to go and of course background music playing wherever permitted. I love to mingle with guests and have some laughs, love to get the inside scoop on the newlyweds so I have ammo for inside jokes throughout the evening. I pass out my unique request cards, and encourage guests to challenge me with any request. Fire up the bubble machine for the little ones too.

The Part I play in the show: “Supporting Cast Member”

I have experienced the costs of weddings first hand myself and know that the little things (and big things) add up quick. With this being said I try to keep my costs affordable and tailor to most budgets, but I do this without any compromise to my services performed. Although I am far above the industry standards I am constantly adding to my inventory of lighting and sound equipment and guarantee an amazing show. As appearance means everything, I keep my setup aesthetically pleasing and confined to small spaces rather than bringing a monstrous facade covered buffet table or Costco table which can take your decor from “Top Score” to “Eyesore” 😉

I am always available to chat or provide a stress free quotation for your event. As I am located in Bear Mountain Area I am always readily available for consults or meet-ups at short notice.

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