DJ PTK Best DJ Services in Victoria: Your Ultimate Party Experience

Wedding Vendors and Partners

I have worked with many amazing vendors and service providers. Here are some of the great people I recommend.

Photographers and attention to detail specialists:

Tasha Knight Photography and Design
Natasha Knight is one of the island’s hidden gems. Not a super “exposed” advertiser (See what I did there) she is subtly one of the most under appreciated and talented photographers on the Island. Her portfolio shows her talents at editing but what I can say from working a number of events with Tash is her attention to detail is amazing and she takes charge of moments to ensure “that shot” is achieved. You can hear the trademark line “the thing is” or “Tash laugh” throughout the day as she gets your entire crew involved in the wedding day festivities and her creative side takes over. Tasha = fun & great pictures!!!!

Nicole Durkan Photography
I have done some fun weddings with Nikki, and she is a lot of laughs. Her style is unique and she is a lot of fun. A great local small business I encourage you to check out her site and her shots 🙂 One great thing about Nicole is she prices every event as unique, which allows her to look at all the facets of your needs then determine a price that is tailored to your budget as opposed to “package prices” that are pre-set.

Laura Bryant
A total “Islander” and “Sookie” so you know your getting those kick butt rustic yet trendy snap shots you’re crazing! Another “Jill of all trades” as they also handle photo booth duties as well the traditional way with props, dress up gear and actual photos!!! With multiple packages offered I am sure Laura has one that suits your needs!!! Laura is now even a photo/vieo double threat as she is offering videography as well along with everything else. A total doll and a fun guest to have at your wedding let alone vendor.

Brady Jenkins
Brady, along with being a fabulous photographer actually brings the party with him it seems. Every event I do with this guy he is having a great time and your wedding party is laughing and smiling, this is a key ingredient as the last thing you want is a bossy vendor barking orders at you, unless of course they have chocolate then of course its ok 😉  A resident of the Westshore, Brady has a great portfolio and a style of his own. Check him out…………….and let the good times roll hahahahaha

Becca is one of the most loved cherubs of our industry, no lie!!! Her talents behind the camera are amazing and she is always about going the extra mile for her clients, not only from a finished product perspective but by making sure they are not stressed on the big day and making sure everyone has fun. And she is a double threat as well!!! As her family owns the beloved venue Cedar Haven in East Sooke.

DJs & Sound Specialists… If I am unavailable of course

DJ Clinton
Clinton is one of Vancouver Island’s most talented DJs without a doubt. With many years DJ’ing in clubs in Greater Victoria, DJing events with Celebrities as the opener, there isn’t much he hasn’t done. The best thing about Clinton’s talents is he is an awesome all around guy, and in this industry that is important because if there is something someone at your event forgot to do…..Clinton is the type to step up and add that to his list of things no questions asked. It is always a pleasure for me to hear how happy brides are with the service , and they often shoot me a message thanking me for referring them to Clinton. That says enough about the guy. AND….. if you crave that DJ that will mix club style at your wedding…there isn’t anyone better this side of Guetta, Skrillex or Tiesto!!! (Man I made his expectations high didn’t I?)

DJ Glenn Lewis
A life long music aficionado, besides being a stellar DJ Glenn plays and studies multiple instruments. Away from the wedding scene, Glenn is a department manager at Long and McQuade, where of all things……..HE’S IN CHARGE OF DJ AND EVENT RENTALS!!! What this means is no matter what need/want your heart desires for your big day (mic for officiant, multiple wireless mic, certain lighting or effects) Glenn can make sure you have it covered!!! Glenn has amazing customer service skills and follows up with clients, assuring no one is ever left high and dry. Clinton and Glenn are always the DJs I refer my overflow clients to as I know they are in excellent hands and are going to call me after their event and say “Thank you PTK, that guy you sent me to was awesome!!!” 

Photo Booth Services…Get your guests engaged in the big day!!!

Mr. Booth Photo Booth Services
Where to start with this guy. Greg has made photo booths and the evolution of the industry in photo booths his world. Always having the latest cutting edge gear, the coolest software, and ability to make custom backdrops unique to your own event, Greg has put Mr.Booth in a league of its own. He really gets the guests active and laughing by engaging himself into the action, even dressing himself up like a wrestling champion monkey in drag to make the pics even that much more epic. Ask about our “Dream Team” entertainment package where you save $100 off each of our packages when you book us together.

Day or coordinators….The directors who run the show and make it perfect

Eva Satchell: Beauty Bride
Eva is the sparkplug of wedding planners!! This firecracker is always on top of her game and her game happens to be….making your wedding day go smoothly and well and above your expectations. Eva has an eye for the little things and leaves no stone unturned in regards to your decor, anything and everything that may catch some guests eye or get in a photo will be taken care of. Organization wise….Eva and her clipboard will ensure everything goes smoothly at your venue and she is a popular choice among vendors as well all find her energy infectious and her clear-cut game plans for a perfect wedding day are easy to follow as well as generally just an all around good time and team effort. 

Kimberly Solecki: Borrowed & Blue Events
Kim is one of my favorite “Day Of” / Wedding & Event Planners to work with. She is an energizer bunny who is meticulous with the details……..things you and your guests will appreciate. One of the attributes that stands out when I have watched Kim work in the past is her “take charge” attitude, she isn’t afraid to make sure venues give you what you’re paying for and keep any stresses off the bride and groom. Respected in the industry by her peers, you cannot go wrong booking with this lady if you want a stress free, and beautiful organized day. Kim is also not afraid to go full on lady Rambo and ensure the proverbial “whip is cracked” if there are hiccups at your venue or vendors aren’t playing nice………….but hey, no blood on your hands.

Sandra Long: Decorate Victoria
Sandra and her team are legendary on the Island wedding scene. Innovators of the imagination!!! I have seen living walls, amazing greenery, enchanted table decorations……and that was just one wedding! (And I have done many wedding with Sandy). Their arsenal of available decorations housed in over 10,000 square feet of warehouse makes bringing pretty much any vision to reality. Consummate professionals and highly respected in the industry, Sandra weddings are always spectacular and breath taking. For me, she is just kinda like that really cool awesome mom you wish you had 😉 And if you need balloons?  Sandra and Ian are the balloon dream team for the YYJ! They have the most unique selection and create amazing masterpieces if your event needs lift off.

When I arrive on the scene and I see any of the above mentioned planners or their teams on site I know my job is going to be that much easier, and that I have a point of contact onsite that cares about your day being a homerun as I do!!! 

Make up & Hair Services… “Gotta be ready for those closeups….and when the limo rolls up, the paparazzi of course geeeeesh”

One of the Island’s best! Trish has had her work featured in many publications in the industry and for good reason…………………she is that darn good!!! Trish has an amazing and true “about me bio” on her page that I encourage you to venture over and check out as she is a unique gem in our industry for sure. A pleasure for other vendors to work with as well you can not go wrong with Trish handling you and your girls looking at their best on the most important stage. 
You can expect the most amazing results when you book with Erica…..because you are going to get them!!! Another vendor who brings fun, and good times to the table along with producing amazing results for your big day!!! It’s funny how the old adage goes…. “New ones pop up every day….but the tried tested and true last forever!!!” 
Erin has an amazing rep in the industry and its because of hard work, and results!!! Nothing but 5 Star reviews because she cares about her clients and ensures that their experience is going to be amazing, how can the choice to go with a vendor who bases her model on that be a bad thing? IT ISN’T!!!

Catering …………… Well, Because people gotta eat right? 

Do you know who is a hard critic? Yeah, THIS GUY!!! Do you want another fun fact? I have never had a meal or dessert from Food for Thought that didn’t make my palette scream in happiness. Even the gravy and sauces these guys come up with are ultra epic!!!  I remember one wedding years back just dipping roasted potatoes in gravy thinking “This is what heaven must be like!” They are in the affordable price point but produce foods that will make you think you needed to pay way more!!! Oh yeah………………and their team is always fun to work with!!!