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2020 “The year COVID19 tried to steal”


This is really not the way it was supposed to go in my plans, fresh off winning the VIWIA “Best DJ” Award the momentum was built up and 51 weddings were on the docket.

*(Insert World Wide Pandemic & Total chaos)*

I am just prepping last minute changes for a ceremony I am doing tomorrow, one that originally had an amazing reception to follow. This has become the usual over the past few months, ceremony only with small amount of guests with, reception and kick ass party to follow in 2021 at a later date.

I am not buying into the “this is the new normal” or “things will never be the same again so get used to it”, as our industry recites… “Love is Not Cancelled” We will persevere and learn from this and we will get back to our insanely enjoyable Island life that involves caring, laughs, good times and yes ……. dancing!!!

Until then I have adapted, implemented changes for entertainment and oh yes…… COVID protection has me looking like the king of sanitizer, personalized masks and the covid screened DJ Booth safe enough possibly to hold off a dragon attack for a short period of time. People still want to have a good time, and that means interaction!!! I am doing all sorts of music trivia, music bingo and more to keep your guests and wedding parties engaged in your special day.


Everyone , be safe , care for your fellow Islanders and most importantly know…………………through diligence we will persevere and normality will return.


Happy Summer …. DJ PTK