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The final Countdown of 2020…..good riddance

Well here we are……from insanity that started in March we have made it to mid-November!!! We thought we had it licked, beaten and in the rear view living our live’s closer to normal over the summer months just to always hear “it will come back fierce in the flu-season” and presto we are here!!!

COVID19 has been horrible to say the least, we lost our family business “Party Crashers – the event experts” as we were an event and party store, no parties = no money 🙁  Gone, just like that. But I have always been a hard worker with hands in many pots so I have always worked as a armed guard twice a week for the past 8 years so now that is my Mon-to-Thurs and I am just thankful to be able to keep working through all this. I managed to do 5 weddings in Oct-Nov with the adapted protocols so that was fun and took mind off the work outside.

Now here I am in November and all I can think about is “what do I still get to do?” not “what is gone now?” – Well,  I get to work and maintain an income and I enjoy who I work with which is important. I get to the gym still and with time slots in place I make the workouts count. The most important thing especially this time of year…I get time with my family!!! I have taken Friday’s off so I can pick up my daughter from school and spend time with her, we work on reading, animals and goof around. This is time that you never get back, Londyn thinks her dad is a super hero because of this time. I have also embraced time with my extended family, our daughters chemistry and friendship with her cousins is amazing and can never be broken as there is 7 of them closely aged. COVID has made people adapt in so many ways, family changes and attitude adjustments were an amazing gift as it makes having more loved ones in your life a pleasure!!!