DJ PTK Best DJ Services in Victoria: Your Ultimate Party Experience

As 2021 comes to a close

What a year!!! We started with “this is not allowed” added some “okay this is ok” and sprinkled in some ” as many guests as you like but still no this!” hahahaha But we have made it through.

As we approach the holiday season and cooler months and I flip into Christmas Party Mode I would like to take this time to thank all of my brides and couples of 2021, you have all been amazing and been total troopers. So many of you had multiple date or venue swaps but you all stayed with me through the course and we made it to the finish line…and the best part was the weddings were all more fun then we expected (yes yes sometimes we had to bend the rules a bit lol) but the point was the next chapter in your lives begins and your wedding experience was special.

Thank you all once again or believing in me and the DJ PTK brand, I look forward to watching the next chapters in your lives and………………………mostly I wanna see some kids as I had some really good looking and just plain AWESOME couples this year hahahahaha