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2023 … Are we heading back to normalcy?

Well, with the 2022 season dwindling down (2 Weddings left for me) the industry begins to wait with anticipation for what the 2023 season brings us. This years season started slow and with the “Are we going through 2021 again?” feel to it….that was before Bonnie popped the cork mid February and things got real again in an instant!!!! I actually did a wedding that had to transition between: Indoors – Outdoors – Indoors – Outdoors and it was a very cold February night at Heritage Acres with insane winds and chills as we danced in a makeshift tent, all on the day Bonnie said “Let there be dancing and weddings again!” Needless to say I was very happy to be heading back inside for the rest of the 2022 season hahahaha

Now as we are heading into our first Holiday Season with no crazy restrictions (so far) and I have 13 Christmas Events to enjoy, I find myself looking at 2023 with excitement and anticipation that my friendors in the industry, along with me of course can sleep calm knowing that this up coming season will be all systems go!!!! My July and August of 2023 takes me all over the place with stops at the usual Tigh Na Mara, over to Bodega Ridge Resort and a couple trips to the top of Mount Washington and even two trips to the Mainland for bigger events. 2023 has seen the continuance of bookings having me MCing 95% of my events, this adds so much more to the day in regards to what I can create in regards to memories and keepsakes for my couples, as well as guest engagement and keeping on timeline hahahaha

2022 was such a breath of fresh air in regards to working with great vendors as well: Another year of good times with Eva and Tanya from Beauty Bride that included some serious laughs, spitting of drinks and conga lines followed by YMCA’s! I ate so many amazing meals from Food For Thought Catering, and they really upped their desert game as my tummy can attest, and they are still the undisputed kings of sauces. I enjoyed many trips to Cedar Haven where the team is always so inviting, lots of impressions of the crew brought laughs and always a joy having tear down chats with the team. My good friend Greg has adapted to his new life in Eastern Canada, but that didn’t mean DJ PTK and MR Booth weren’t remixing the DREAMTEAM, of course we were it was just done with a little more Gangnam Style hahahaha. Church and State Winery, 11 times!!! Almost became my home away from home this year, and it was a lot of fun to even do Kim, one of their events managers weddings too!!! And of course Olympic View, Katrina is always so laid back and fun and the 8 minute commute home at the end of the night makes it “my preferred venue” lol

I am very happy to say 2024 is really picking up as well!!! Here I am sitting in November of 2022 and there is already 13 bookings confirmed in 2024, couples are really on their “A GAME!!!” in regards to being prepared to say the least.

So the flood gates are open, bring it on brides!!! Because…there ain’t no party like a DJ PTK party!!!